Multi-levels Chart of Accounts hierarchy

Use the default balance sheet and income statement structures or modify the existing ones and add your own accounts and groups

Organize and move your accounts/group of accounts up or down the hierarchy to the view that better suits your business

Balance sheet and Income Statement structures can accommodate up to four level hierarchy to allow for more control over accounts grouping. Properly organized accounts leads to more enhanced reporting of the company's results and makes it easier and faster to retrieve data

ETAR free accounting software
Easy and Fast Data Onboarding

With the use of an excel template, ETAR allows the user to import customer accounts with their respective details as an alternative fast way than manually entering them

Accounts opening balances in ETAR are also imported through an excel template which makes this process simple and accurate by using the appropriate checks

Step by step instructions for each of the import functions are provided along with an interactive text feed informing the user with the status of the import and guiding the user till the import is successfully completed

Sales Module with Linked Documents

Export sales invoices to excel or as PDF in a preset user-defined format and save them in any user selected folder

Produce customer statements and export them to excel

Cash application function enables the user to apply receipts on specific customer invoices

Linked sales documents module allows for tracking of orders, invoices and receipts and helps improving invoicing and collection

User-friendly and Guided Entries

Double entry accounting provides the control and flexibility to enter any accounting transactions

Easy and simple way to save and retrieve entries

Innovative Guided Entry that guides and helps the user in posting entries by allowing the user to select from a list the type of entry to be posted and ETAR not just explains the purpose of that entry and defines both sides of the entry but also filters the accounts in the selection screen to those relevant accounts

Wide Range of Powerful Reports

Statement of account that provides visibility on the general ledger

Produce reports in various level of details using ETAR's powerful functionalities that allow the user to control the scope of the reported data and to expand or collapse on any group of accounts

ETAR free accounting software
Analytical Tools

In-depth analysis that help the user understands what the numbers mean (examples: sales by month and by top customers, profitability and expenses analysis)

ETAR free accounting software

An option to convert the reports into charts

Wide Range of Data Accessibility

Produce lists of transactions, orders, invoices, accounts or customers with related details and export them to excel

Jump to a specific document from transaction lists