Free Accounting Software Package
  1. Linked Sales Module
    ETAR doesn't only allow creating and exporting sales orders and invoices in various format but it excels in helping the user track invoicing and collection with its powerful linked sales module.
  2. Double Entry Accounting
    ETAR is a double entry accounting software that provides accountants the flexibility and control they need in managing and recording accounting transactions.
  3. Powerful Reporting and Analytic Tools
    ETAR offers a wide range of reporting and analytical tools that helps managers sees beyond the numbers and make informed decisions.
ETAR is a double entry accounting software package that can handle accounting and reporting needs of a small to medium size company
  1. Windows Desktop Application
    Runs on almost all windows platforms
  2. Complete Accounting Software
    That takes care of all accounting functions starting from importing opening balances to ETAR to year end closing
  3. 100% Free
    Not for a limited period of time Not partially for parts of the software No need to sign up with an account It's 100 Free!
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Why chosing ETAR!
  1. Complete
    ETAR has all the functions and tools a small business needs to process its daily accounting transactions in one single package
  2. Multi-user
    Multi-users connectivity that allow many users to process and share the same data
  3. Accurate
    With very high level of accuracy
  4. Data Security
    Unlike cloud Apps, as a desktop application, ETAR provide a peace of mind with its high level of data security by allowing users to store the data in house and process backups and restores as needed
  5. Efficient
    By saving you time and money with powerful functionality to get the job done fast
  6. Wide Range of Accounting & Reporting Tools
    It has the tools and functionalities that many of the web based Apps can't offer
  7. Easy to use
    Extremely user-friendly
  8. 100% FREE
    And it's completely 100% free.
  9. Support
    With either the very detailed and helpful documentation that helps the user along the way or with our continuous online support
  10. For Both Accountants and Non-Accountants
    ETAR is designed to make accountants' life easier and also guide non-accountants with some innovative functions to get the job done
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